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About Us

About Us

Sahar Al Sharq Perfumes Company L.L.C , which was established in (1999) is considered one of the leading companies in the field of perfumes in the United Arab Emirates, that it always works continuously in order to fulfill the market requirements, and to a accompany the recent development in its field only to satisfy its customers, as well as Sahar Al Sharq Perfumes includes several employees who are doing their best in order to fulfill the needs and wishes of the consumers throughout more than (600) sale centers.

The Factory Of Sahar Al Sharq Perfumes L.L.C

The year (2008) witnessed an establishing of a new and developed factory in Emirate of Sharjah in order to accompany the increasing in the rates of demand for perfumes in the area. This factory includes manufacturing units and packaging departments, which runs manually and automatically. The factory of Sahar Al Sharq Perfumes is considered the main source, which the perfumes stores depend on in their products, which consist of Arabian and French perfumes in addition to its own specific products.

Brief extract about products

The reason of the pride of Sahar Al Sharq perfumes is, that up to the present moment, it innovates and invents new thoughts and ideas in the field of perfumes, also, the company has always a great desire to get the raw materials used in the manufacturing of perfumes on a highly reputed suppliers, who are very famous and well-known in their abidance by high-quality standards.

Company Activity

Sahar Al Sharq Perfumes group has ten branches extended in the United Arab Emirates, including more than six hundred kind of French and Arabic perfumes, in addition to luxury oils, incense , bed perfume and its body moisturizing creams *We are also specialized in selling all perfume industry requirement from A-Z ,such as raw oils/distilled water /perfume bottles/ design and package.


Oil Department

We are agents of the largest factories in the world for essential oils and our aromatic library contains more than 250 formulas

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